Built Environment



By Margaret Jackson | Jan 31, 2022

Built Environment Colorado

CEO Roger Zalneraitis is manufacturing outdoor "parklets" for outdoor dining and other applications.


Delta Brick & Climate Company

By Eric Peterson | Jan 24, 2022

Built Environment Consumer & Lifestyle Energy & Environment Colorado

Founder and CEO Chris Caskey is rethinking ceramics manufacturing with an eye on sustainability.


Altitude Control Technology

By Gregory Daurer | Jan 17, 2022

Built Environment Industrial & Equipment Colorado

CEO Bill Sinclair's altitude-remedying technology has attracted owners of luxury mountain homes as customers, in addition to research institutions and branches of the military.


Dunn-Edwards Paints

By Angela Rose | Jan 04, 2022

Built Environment Industrial & Equipment California

Though supply chain woes have slowed recent growth, VP of Manufacturing Clay Fenstermaker says the interior and exterior coatings company is in a "great position."



By Angela Rose | Jan 03, 2022

Built Environment California

Co-founder and CEO Karim Bishay's company is poised to meet the dwelling space needs of crowded California homeowners.



By Eric Peterson | Nov 24, 2021

Built Environment Cannabis & Hemp Idaho

Co-founder and CEO Mattie Mead is pushing the construction industry towards more sustainable materials with hemp as a key ingredient.

The Art of Making: Tharp Cabinets (Company Week Magazine)
The Art of Making: Tharp Custom Cabinetry
Built Environment Consumer & Lifestyle Colorado

By Jonathan Castner | Jul 20, 2020


Auger Rack

By Margaret Jackson | Oct 19, 2021

Built Environment Energy & Environment Industrial & Equipment Supply Chain Utah

Owner Craig Hokanson designed an innovative rack for the drilling industry, and the resulting company has emerged as a one-stop shop for customers.


Industry Insights: Words of Wisdom from Manufacturers in 2021

By Eric Peterson | Sep 05, 2021

Aerospace & Electronics Bioscience & Medical Brewing & Distilling Built Environment Cannabis & Hemp Consumer & Lifestyle Food & Beverage Industrial & Equipment Supply Chain California Colorado Utah

CompanyWeek has profiled more than 150 manufacturers in 2021. For Labor Day, we've compiled a few of the most notable quotes from manufacturing leaders who we've interviewed since January.


Timber Age Systems

By Eric Peterson | Aug 15, 2021

Built Environment Supply Chain Colorado

Co-founders Kyle Hanson and Andy Hawk see a local approach to manufacturing construction materials -- especially in Colorado mountain towns with abundant wood in surrounding forests.