Leading innovators of 2016: Utah manufacturers changing industry

By Alicia Cunningham | Dec 20, 2016

Here's my year in review, best of Utah manufacturing list:

1. Myriad Genetics -- Discerning the future is no longer just for crystal balls. Myriad Genetics is going beyond diagnosing current diseases and helping customers identify and prepare for diseases they may face in the future. Founded in 1991, Myriad Genetics continues to be a major economic player in Utah, reporting total revenues of $177.5 Million in the first fiscal quarter of Fiscal Year 2017.

2. Robotronics -- Babbling adults are not cool. But a firefighter dog robot? That’s the key to reaching and teaching children about fire safety. Founder Scott George started with a fire hydrant robot that could squirt water, primitive by today’s standards, which reflects his continual commitment to innovation in robotics.

3. DPS Skis -- Over ten years ago, Stephen Drake decided it was time for a revolution in ski manufacturing. Playing with both shape and materials – and being willing to utilize modern technology -- DPS Skis remains focused on continually innovating to provider a superior, high-end product.

4. Outlaw Distillery -- When he opened Outlaw Distillery, founder Kirk Sedgwick proved it’s never too late to learn to love your day job. Following three decades as a diesel repairman, Sedgwick pivoted to a new enterprise and now makes rum, spiced rum, white whiskey, bourbon whiskey, and Outlaw’s own moonshine.

5. Laurie’s Buffalo Gourmet -- After moving to Utah, Laurie Seron found the choice of food to be . . . a little vanilla. Starting her own enterprise, Seron soon turned to a copacker to help her meet demand. With a stable manufacturing process under her belt, Seron is now reaching out to budding innovators and helping them find their way.

Alicia Cunningham is editor of CompanyWeek Utah. Reach her at acunningham@companyweek.com.