4ORE - Startup apparel brand featuring functional styling, Made in the U.S. label

Jan 09, 2018

4ORE is a startup apparel brand created by brothers Ricky and Thomas Guzman, whom proudly project their ethos in areas dedicated toward quality assurance, safe environmental practices and manufacturing in the United States.

4ORE’s mission is building product that contains craftsmanship along with simply stylish design and great functioning fabrics. The company believes it can help bring jobs and manufacturing on-shore with firm dedication to produce garments domestically and locally. There is a movement and demand for American made product and they’re sure to get a piece of the pie.

The Guzman duo are humbled by their careers ranging from, graphic design to retail operations management, and have heard literally thousands of requests. The market is currently trending at a rate that is really uncontrollable. So to be a brand that is independent and with a different approach, is quite smart and a competitive placement. 4ORE offers garments with a professional to sport casual look, as well as utilitarian with a focus on fit. The small line of 5 pieces and 2 promotional pieces will be a staple for the company’s “Root” program. The brothers feel “Made in USA” is a great wave of momentum and want to continue.

The company is in their early stages of startup and currently looking for manufacturers who are based in the US and are able to assist with bulk production. They’re also looking for like minded investors to accompany this young, innovative brand. 4ORE looks to create quality product for young individuals, business professionals as well as the older generations. The Guzman’s are driven with a plan for future growth that includes: donations to youth organizations focusing on the less fortunate, going after the local market in a very audacious manner and possible licensing contracts.

For more information, please contact ARGPLLC directly. The company is based in Longmont, Colorado.

Ricky Guzman
CEO / Consultant