Wood’s High Mountain Distillery Announces “Backcountry Bottle”

Sep 03, 2016

SALIDA, Colo. –– August 31, 2016–

Wood’s High Mountain Distillery in Salida, CO has announced that its Tenderfoot Whiskey is now available in a resealable 750-ml aluminum bottle. Dubbed the “Backcountry Bottle”, the new packaging offers a packaging alternative to glass for use where a glass bottle is not practical or allowed such as camping, river rafting trips, festivals, and backcountry hut trips.

PT Wood, co-owner and head distiller at Wood’s High Mountain Distillery said “After years of taking glass bottles on numerous rafting and backcountry ski trips we’ve been looking for a lighter, non-glass alternative for spirits. When the opportunity to package our spirits in aluminum bottles became available we had to jump on it and we’re thrilled to have it available to our customers.” The “Backcountry Bottle” is lighter and more compact than traditional glass and won’t break when impacted. The packaging is designed for consumers with active lifestyles who want to enjoy a premium small-batch whiskey as a part of their favorite outdoor and adventure activities.

Aluminum packaging also offers environmental benefits over glass due to its much lighter weight for transportation and lower impact from manufacturing as a result of the high recycled content used in the “Backcountry Bottle” manufacturing process.

Tenderfoot Whiskey is a malt whiskey produced from five malted grains, aged in new American Oak and bottled at 45%ABV. Products are currently distributed in Colorado, New Jersey and Italy. Product information, tour schedule and a complete list of where to buy can be found at http://www.woodsdistillery.com.

About Wood’s High Mountain Distillery

Wood’s High Mountain Distillery was founded in 2012 by brothers PT and Lee Wood, with the goal of expressing their passion for outdoor adventures in spirits that shine with the essence of the mountains of Colorado. The distillery is located in Salida, Colorado and offers hand-crafted distilled spirits made in its antique copper pot still using select ingredients and pure mountain water. Information is available at http://www.woodsdistillery.com or on Facebook at http://facebook.com/woodsdistillery.