We’re expanding the Supplier Bulletin: Get involved with SCoP, manufacturing’s new Supply Chain Portal

By Bart Taylor | May 12, 2020

Two powerful forces are reshaping U.S. manufacturing in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis:

  1. Broad support, finally, to fortify U.S. industrial supply chains to reduce the vulnerability of offshore disruptions, but more, to ensure investments in people, equipment, and technology are made in U.S. communities.

  2. A seismic shift in the way companies do business. In-person contact will be limited in the future. Businesses must adjust to a "distancing" world.

Both are at the center of CompanyWeek's new supply-chain initiative called SCoP -- short for Supply Chain Portal. Our mission is to connect OEMs and brands with local or regional suppliers to enable more domestic manufacturing, and do so with digital tools that help overcome the challenge of communicating in a post-COVID world.

SCoP -- pronounced "scope" -- is first a searchable directory of manufacturers, brands, and suppliers, starting with the 1,500 or so companies featured in CompanyWeek since 2013, and companies posting in the Supplier Bulletin. As an example, OEMs or brands will immediately be able to search from a directory of over 250 local or regional contract manufacturers we've already featured.

The SCoP directory will launch this June. Longer term, SCoP will be much more.

SCoP isn't necessarily a new idea. But timing is everything. Plus, several things have been missing from directory projects to date: a focus on local and regional connections; value-add information and tools -- like a CompanyWeek feature -- that make more manageable the dozens of variables that go into forming meaningful partnerships; and emphasis on manufacturing's diverse industries, each with unique supply-chain requirements.

Here's how to be part of SCoP:

  1. If you've not been featured in CompanyWeek, use this short form to create a digital listing in the SCoP directory -- and have your company publicized in the Supplier Bulletin. It's a great way to provide a quick update to the marketplace and become part of the searchable directory. Here's more information.

  2. Have your company featured in CompanyWeek. The feature will contribute to a rich digital profile in SCoP. Contact us directly.

  3. Update your CompanyWeek profile with industry information and capabilities here.

  4. Service companies: SCoP will include a searchable service directory. Use this form to submit a listing.

U.S. contract manufacturers and other suppliers have never been more capable. Product manufacturers and brands have never been more compelled to find local partners. It's time to rebuild the U.S. supply chain -- one relationship at a time, company by company, community by community. Connecting OEMs and brands with suppliers in the western U.S. from California to Utah to Colorado, is our first priority.

The time is now.

Coming this June.

Bart Taylor is publisher of CompanyWeek. Reach him at btaylor@companyweek.com.