Welcome to the AZ Manufacturing Report

By Bart Taylor | May 24, 2022

Nine years ago this fall, we launched CompanyWeek to report on Colorado's over-performing manufacturing economy. Along the way, we added Utah, California, and Texas editions of CompanyWeek Mfg. Reports.

This week we open a new chapter. With the launch of the AZ Manufacturing Report, we arrive in one of America's most dynamic economies. A business-friendly reputation, access to labor, a rich R&D ecosystem, and high interest in diversifying from real estate and tourism portend great things for us -- and for Arizona.

In every edition (published twice each month), we'll report on Arizona's growing sector through the people and companies reimagining manufacturing here and throughout the region -- companies across multiple industries with varying backgrounds. It's a content lens that has served us well: today we reach over 40,000 professionals in 20,000 manufacturing companies across the West.

We write about manufacturers and manufacturers are our audience. This is your publication.

There are no fees to be featured. We're not a pay-to-play platform. Writing about your companies is our core content. You'll experience the challenges, opportunities, and needs of every company we write about. You'll gain insights, meet new people, and be advocates for the sector, as we are, through the stories of Arizona manufacturers.

We'll also partner with economic and business stakeholders that support your companies -- advocates all for Arizona manufacturing.

Today we’re excited to announce a partnership with Arizona State University to develop America's first Factory Fitness Index -- and we're starting from Arizona. We’re looking for a dynamic sample of companies we survey every month to gauge the overall manufacturing health across industry verticals, and size.

You can contact me, or ASU's Hitendra Chaturvedi, professor of Supply Chain Management at the W.P. Carey School of Business, to become part of this important group.

Here are other important connections:

Contact Angela Rose, editor of the AZ Manufacturing Report, to have your company featured. There are NO FEES.

Contact Stacy Feeney to participate as an advertiser or sponsor events.

Click here to connect with other Arizona manufacturers on Sustainment. It's your online manufacturing community that helps you showcase your capabilities, find, connect and collaborate with other manufacturers, discover new opportunities, and access state and local manufacturing support resources.

Or contact me for more information on any and all of the above.

We're thrilled to be here to advocate for Arizona's manufacturing ecosystem.

Bart Taylor is publisher of CompanyWeek. Reach him at btaylor@companyweek.com.