CompanyWeek's supply chain portal takes an important step

By Bart Taylor | Dec 01, 2020

We've argued that rebuilding America's domestic manufacturing supply chain is today's "moon shot" challenge -- and opportunity. If we're successful, we'll put in place a foundation for local and regional economies to thrive. Without new sourcing and supply options, a new and "essential" era of domestic manufacturing, along with jobs, new companies, and industry growth, is at risk.

Since February 2020, at the outset of the COVID-19 crisis, CompanyWeek has been working to connect companies that need things made with companies that make things or supply key components and materials. This simple yet critical transactional dynamic is at the core of any new supplier ecosystem. Through weekly "Supplier Updates" in CompanyWeek e-publications, and in a growing supply chain portal called SCoP, our objective has been to bring together a community of companies to fuel the manufacture of more local products, across a dozen industries.

We're ready to take another step.

SCoP is today a digital directory of companies featured in CompanyWeek since 2013, and companies that have added a business listing in SCoP. It's a community of over 1,400 companies and growing fast: 71 companies were added to the SCoP directory in October and November 2020 alone.

Within a month, companies listed in SCoP will be able to use the platform to send private messages to each other. So in addition to publicizing your company, your people and products, a feature in CompanyWeek now opens up a new world of direct contact with other manufacturers, suppliers, and providers -- a new regional supply chain that's also grouped in meaningful ways. Want to work with a fabricator in Colorado Springs? Reach out to companies in the Pikes Peak Made group in SCoP. Can't find the ideal group? Start one.

In the coming weeks we'll further define how companies featured in CompanyWeek, and listed in SCoP, can send secure messages, respond to requests, and exchange information.

Events the past six months, but more, the past several weeks, have helped us understand what's at stake if we don't develop new tools to better connect the domestic supply chain. As China's manufacturing engine again revs toward full throttle, U.S. OEMs and brands need more options to keep production here. Our appetite for domestically-made products is growing. We need a supply chain that keeps pace.

Join the CompanyWeek community of companies and be part of SCoP. Contact us to have your company featured, or, Add a Listing in the SCoP community.

It's an important step for your company, and for American manufacturing

Bart Taylor is publisher of CompanyWeek. Reach him at