Twin Monkeys Releases Tabletop Canning System

Nov 11, 2019

Compact Crowler & Can Optimized Canning Line

(Aurora, CO, November 11, 2019) Twin Monkeys Beverage Systems has announced the release of their new tabletop automated canning system, The Mancos. The Mancos is Twin Monkeys’ most compact and cost-effective system to date, and is designed to allow small breweries to capitalize on the fast-growing popularity of canning, at a lower price point.

Josh Van Riper, Twin Monkey Beverage Systems CEO said, “More and more we are seeing the evolution of small breweries using Crowler™ cans in their taproom and brewhouses as a source of incremental income. We think the Mancos is a great way for a brewery to see what the appetite is for cans at their facility without having the exorbitant cost of most canning lines.”

The Mancos is small but mighty in its features. The Mancos has the capability to run slim, sleek, standard and crowler™ cans on its line. It also has the ability to package wine, soda, kombucha, cannabis infused beverages, CBD beverages, and coffee or tea. An additional tech pack can be purchased which includes:

  • Automated tank pressure controller to maintain beverage pressure for perfect fills
  • Automated fobber to add the perfect foam to each can for advanced oxygen reduction
  • Post-seam rinse/dry module to clean the cans prior to packaging and automated fill raise to determine the precise time to withdraw the filler
  • Automated filler raise timing which minimizes splashing and dissolved oxygen pickup

Beverage makers everywhere can find it available now. For more information visit

About Twin Monkeys Beverage Systems, Inc.

Based in Aurora, Colorado, Twin Monkeys Beverage Systems, Inc. has been manufacturing innovative canning equipment for small to medium-sized craft beverage purveyors worldwide. Rooted in over 60 years of combined automation engineering experience, Twin Monkeys provides canning equipment for the beer, cider, kombucha, cannabis, wine, coffee, water, juice, and other ready-to-drink industries. Twin Monkeys offers the highest quality technology available for canned beverages and works to assist craft beverage producers with custom canning solutions that suit their specific, unique needs.