Trump Has Manufacturing All Wrong—And So Do The Rest Of Us

Feb 07, 2018

President Trump started his State of the Union speech with the economy and manufacturing. He promoted the number of new jobs, gave a nod to an Ohio manufacturing company, and congratulated Corey the welder for his vibrant career.

As a champion of manufacturing and entrepreneurship, I was excited to see the topic play such a prominent role on the political stage.

The topic was prominent for good reason. According to a Gallup Poll last summer, Americans’ most popular solution for creating jobs is keeping manufacturing from going overseas. 58% more people suggested that answer over “reduced government regulation/involvement” or “lower taxes.”

But we have a love-hate relationship with manufacturing in the U.S. We talk a good game, but we’re not willing to do what it takes to help it thrive. Part of the problem is that we don’t understand it.

I’ve spent the last four years studying the opportunities in manufacturing—first as Entrepreneur-in-Residence for Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti, and most recently as the Founder of MAKE IT IN LA and the host of The Art of Manufacturing Podcast—and I’ve been discovering some eye-opening things.

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