This start-up is helping businesses get their products ‘Made in the USA’

May 24, 2016

Matthew Burnett, CEO and co-founder of Maker's Row, is helping small businesses get their products made in the USA. His company connects over 100,000 brands with more than 10,000 American manufacturers.

Prior to Maker's Row, businesses looking to produce overseas had a wealth of online resources, but were short on luck if they were trying to produce in the United States, Burnett told CNBC. His company simply evens that playing field.

Burnett argues that there are legitimate advantages to producing in the United States including the minimal time difference, lack of language barriers and ease of quality control.

"Often times, entrepreneurs, when they're producing products, they'll look at the cost of production overseas, but they don't compute how many you have to produce, what the turnaround times are, there's a variety of other variables that drive up that cost," he said.

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