These charts show Vietnam is far from matching China’s manufacturing prowess

Oct 29, 2019

Vietnam, a frontier market in Southeast Asia, is often named as one of the biggest winners in the U.S.-China trade dispute.

The U.S. and China have slapped higher tariffs on each other’s goods in the past year or so, and that’s led to a shrinking bilateral trade between the world’s top two economies, according to consultancy Oxford Economics. Consequently, both countries have had to source for goods from other markets, while China-based manufacturers look for alternative production venues to circumvent those tariffs.

Vietnam has been a favored destination for such shifts in trade flows and production chains. But some analysts have pointed out that certain bottlenecks have emerged in Vietnam, and that may limit how much the country could accommodate those additional flows.

Below are five charts that examine to what extent Vietnam can replace China as the next global manufacturing hub.

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