Ska Brewing Co. expands brewery - to open a restaurant

Sep 11, 2013

Durango - Ska Brewing Co. spent 18 years scrupulously avoiding getting into the restaurant business. Now, Durango’s largest brewery is in the restaurant business. Ska opened The Container in August.

The Container takes the form of two industrial shipping containers attached to the south side of Ska’s brewery, 225 Girard St. in Bodo Industrial Park. “People expected there to be food out here, and we felt it was more responsible to have food if you’re drinking beer,” said Ska Brewing President Dave Thibodeau about the brewery’s new restaurant.

The Container represents a change for Ska, which had resisted opening a restaurant for nearly two decades. That partly stemmed from sensitivity to Ska’s relationships with Durango restaurants that carry its beer, and partly to an admitted lack of expertise in the food industry.
“What we know is beer,” Thibodeau said.

Thanks to the Durango Herald