Sensor Solutions

Mar 23, 2020

Sensor Solutions is a world-class manufacturer of magnetic field sensors located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Our production facility is capable of offering the following services:

  • Automated circuit board placement and reflow *(limited to single sided placement and are not able to provide ITAR, Class III inspection or BGA/QFN)
  • Hand soldering and circuit assembly (components and wires to PCBAs)
  • Analog and digital magnetic field detection sensors (programmed chips and fully packaged robust industrial sensors)
  • Encapsulation and conformal coating of electronics

For any of the above needs for manufactured electronic assemblies for medical devices, manufacturing lines, critical transportation equipment or other critical requirements; please contact us to discuss how we may be able to assist.

Contact Caz Bruski, sales, at, or Dave Lorenzen, engineering, at