Rowdy Mermaid Taps their First Dry Hopped Kombucha Beer

Aug 02, 2016

Get Rowdy on August 13th with Boulder’s First Alcoholic Kombucha —Rowdy Mermaid Taps their First Dry Hopped Kombucha Beer

WHO: Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha

WHAT: Debut of Rowdy Mermaid’s Wild Sour Dry Hopped Kombucha Beer, with music by Michael Anthony Jones and healthy fare from Zeal Foods.

$5 for 12oz pour

Food starting at $10.00

Entrance is free

WHEN: Saturday, August 13th, 5-9 p.m.

WHERE: Rowdy Mermaid HQ, 2516 49th St. Unit 2, Boulder, CO

Rowdy Mermaid is the first kombucha-maker in the Boulder region to produce an alcoholic version of this tea-based fermented beverage. Rowdy Mermaid is also the first kombucha-maker in Colorado to receive a liquor license.

“We always thought the future of kombucha would be alcoholic,” owner Jamba Dunn said recently in an article for Boulder County Business. “We see great potential here.”

Rowdy Mermaid’s Wild Sour Dry Hopped Kombucha Beer contains 7.5 percent ABV and tastes like a Belgian-style sour lambic. It will be available exclusively at Rowdy Mermaid’s tap room for now but retail sales of the original brew are expected later in the year.

Also on tap August 13th is a small amount of Jun, a bacterial-based alcoholic beverage made from honey and green tea. Rowdy Mermaid is the first location in the Boulder region licensed to sell alcoholic Jun, a traditional fermented tonic called the champagne of kombucha.

The release of Rowdy Mermaid’s Wild Sour Dry Hopped Kombucha Beer comes just as the company begins selling its non-alcoholic kombucha in 100 regional Safeway and Albertson’s stores, and as Whole Foods expands its line of Rowdy Mermaid products.

About Rowdy Mermaid

A craft brewery located at the foot of the Rocky Monutains in Boulder, Colo., Rowdy Mermaid is inspired by the wild, pristine landscape.

Rowdy Mermaid handcrafts its living kombucha beverage from farm-direct organic tea, filtered Colorado snowmelt, wildcrafted organic herbs and locally-sourced fresh fruit. Organic cold-pressed fruit juice and ayurveda-inspired herbs are used in intentional recipes for an authentic, living kombucha that is low in sugar and bursting with flavor.

Rowdy Mermaid’s Colorado snowmelt kombucha is available in five flavors — Smokey Badger, Flower Grow, Rowdy Belly, Living Ginger and Autumn Haze.

Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha is tested daily for safety and perfection and sold in bottles and on tap throughout Colorado and in Taos, New Mexico.

For more information about Rowdy Mermaid, visit