Rockwell Time

By Alicia Cunningham | Jun 13, 2017

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Woods Cross, Utah



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Watches, sunglasses, and belts


Woods Cross, Utah

Founded: 2007

Privately owned

Employees: 15

Industry: Lifestyle & Consumer

Products: Watches, sunglasses, and belts

Rich Eggett's hybrid watch manufacturer, Rockwell Time, blends supply-chain management with innovative branding to wind up growth.

"We started off as a watch company," Eggett says, "but we didn’t want to follow in another company’s footsteps. I understood the watch world and the watch industry rules. But I chose to go around them. I took a product and reached out and found people that have a passion for sports and other activities that engage their passion. Our product and product design rang true to them -- it was authentic to them. And we just went from there. Watches have been around forever, but the way we choose to market our brand is new."

Rockwell Time is first and foremost a watch manufacturer, but Eggett is building the brand to include apparel, sunglasses, and belts to meet the style demands of its users.

Rockwell Time 1

"We try to cater to the demographic that buys the most," says Cate Eldredge, the company's communications director. "We serve the active lifestyle community and try to stay on top of that market so that they will stay loyal to our brand."

Established at the end of historic Redwood Road in Woods Cross, Utah, Rockwell Time actually manufactures all over the world with factories throughout Europe and Asia.

"Woods Cross is our only location," adds Cate Eldredge. "Everything comes in and out of here. Designing and assembling all products stem from this Utah location."

Rockwell Time 2

"But where we manufacture depends on price and capability. Every time we make something, we find the best factory to do it in," Eggett says. "We get parts from all over the world. But at Woods Cross, we have the capability to assemble and even to customize."

This customization is an important part of Rockwell Time’s business model as they reach out to companies and cobrand and collaborate on custom products. Clients include Under Armour, Rockstar, Adobe, NuSkin, and many others. Rockwell also makes custom products for Department of Defense agencies and first responders as well as multiple colleges and universities.

Though cobranding builds Rockwell’s reach, the companies private-label products are available worldwide.

Rockwell Time 3

Eggett credits his team for the company’s growth. "We have really good people," he says. "Everyone knows their job. They figure out when needs to be done, and they bring great things back to the company."

Challenges: Intelligent growth. "We could be bigger," Eggett says, "but we put experience over profit, give our guys a great life, and have found that together we have been able to overcome our challenges. We are lucky."

Opportunities: Rockwell has new models of sunglasses coming out and is also manufacturing new watchesthat will count calories and steps. "We have big things coming," Eggett says.

Need: Good people. "We continue to grow and achieve our goals," he says. "We like our quality of life. We like what we are doing, and we’re having fun. That requires good people."

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