Reshoring Initiative

Mar 29, 2020

Shortages of a wide range of medical products demonstrated the United States' broad lack of self-sufficiency. We import more than half of what we consume. Darwin famously wrote that survival depends primarily on adaptability, even more than on strength or intelligence. The time is right for companies to adapt to a world in which heavy dependence on worldwide supply chains is no longer the key to profitability, much less survival.

The Reshoring Initiative can work with you now to prepare. Here are relevant resources:

  1. TCO Estimator: A free online software to help companies make better sourcing decisions about offshore vs. domestic sourcing and also to use to sell against imports. We helped one company win a $60 million order vs. a Chinese competitor. You will find that about 30% of what is now offshored can come back profitably if you use the correct metric, 40% if Trump tariffs apply.

  2. Import Substitution Program (ISP): Identifies major importers of what you produce. Use the TCO Estimator to convince them to reshore and source from you.

  3. Supply Chain Gaps Program: Identifies products with high imports and no domestic sources. Become the only U.S. producer.

  4. Website consulting: Helps you develop your website to convince customers to shift work from offshore to you.

  5. Media coverage: We could do an article on your reshoring.

  6. Essentially: TCO is the sales tool vs. imports. ISP finds the best opportunities to use the sales tool. Supply Chain Gaps identifies opportunities for becoming the dominant or only U.S. source in a significant market niche. Media coverage promotes your successes.

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