Photographer's Choice: Top Images of 2022

By Jonathan Castner | Dec 13, 2022

Every year I look forward to looking backwards and taking stock of all the amazing places that CompanyWeek has sent me. I'm inspired by these opportunities, and from that, hope to inspire others. This year was good to a lot of us, and I am thrilled to share with you some of my favorite images that I made over the past 12 months.

CisLunar Industries (Denver & Fort Collins, Colorado): I was telling these amazing people that we are back to the era of the democratization of science and exploration. We can now have small companies like CisLunar come up with amazing new tech in very humble locations that are not only groundbreaking but also making a real difference.

CNC Machining Services (Visalia, California): In small buildings all over our country are solid and hard working companies like CNC Machining Services who make all the parts that help our modern world work. It's not the machines that are the magic, but all the talented hands that work the machines that make these companies special.

(Denver, Colorado):
When trying to find an environment to produce an eye-catching portrait, you sometimes get lucky. They had this elaborate rig set up that gave me all of these amazing angles to work with. The subject's blue shirt made the near black and white look of the metal all the more dramatic.

(Loveland, Colorado)
: Edwin is just the nicest dude and has this strong energy. I put him in a way to look through much of his machinery to frame him with the tools of his trade. Makes me want to do a "Dudes of Machining" calendar, ya?

Endpoint Industrial Controls
(Loveland, Colorado)
: Is it a reflection? Is it transparent? Oh, there's a person! So many questions.

Escape Artists
(Denver, Colorado)
: It's the expression. So often in the manufacturing world, the people are concentrating and that "think face" is dominant. But here she was actually having fun. Yes, it does happen, and I have the photo to prove it.

Forge Nano
(Thornton, Colorado):
All that complex stuff, none of which I fully understand, but this fellow peeking through the window knows what I don't.

High Alpine Fab
(Silverthorne, Colorado)
: A dude, some shiny metal, and the heat of a thousand suns.

Latham Industries
(Phoenix, Arizona)
: Ok, to me this is just funny. No head, but the all-seeing ring light "eye."

OHSO Brewery & Distillery
(Arcadia, Gilbert, Paradise Valley, and Scottsdale, Arizona)
: In many work spaces, I never get to explore all the possible angles to show that world in a new way. This location had an upper deck with a ladder, so I had to climb up and show him from a giraffe's viewpoint.

Red Leg Brewing Company (Colorado Springs, Colorado): If you do something silly, I will make the image!

Copy and images by Jonathan Castner, CompanyWeek's lead photographer. Check him out at www.jonathancastner.com.