Palmer DCS - Outsource your electrical control panel fabrication

Nov 14, 2017

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Founded: 1971

Incorporated: 2011

Privately owned

Employees: 23

Industry: Industrial & Equipment

Products: Solution Center for Outsourced Electrical Control Panels

Why it makes, sense to outsource your electrical control panel fabrication in today’s tight labor market.

Outsourcing can reduce work in process inventory improve cash flow and profitability, freeing up capital and resources to allow you to concentrate on your core competencies. It’s certainly worth an evaluation see how it might work for you.

There are many good reasons OEMs should consider outsourcing to a vendor that specializes in fabrication of electrical control panels. These are complicated, labor-intensive pieces of equipment which require skilled workers who can painstakingly punch, wire and assemble a high-quality error-free product.

Workers skilled in wiring are in great demand, and are more likely to be employed by a company, that specializes in control-panel fabrication, like Palmer DCS. Instantly you will have access to our highly-skilled workforce, automated processes, industry expertise, third party certifications, certified quality program and price advantages with component manufacturers.

Outsourcing to Palmer DCS gives you access to our wide range of project and product experience. We are structured to handle standard products on a large- and small-scale production runs, one-off custom units and complex system integration projects. We have the technical expertise to collaborate with you to improve designs, shorten production cycles and reduce costs and complexity.

If you consider outsourcing, be sure to consider Palmer DCS, the industry leaders.

Contact Lynn Weberg, lynn@palmerdcs.com.