Otero Menswear - Unique new clothing brand from Colo. entrepreneurs.

Jan 09, 2018

Boulder, CO December 14, 2017 –
OTERO MENSWEAR launches men’s fashion apparel with proprietary 3D Proportional Sizing methodology; providing the best off-the-rack fit available for men of shorter stature, from 5’4’’ up to 5’9”.

Otero features fashion-forward clothing that is intelligently designed for the short(er) man’s height, body type, and size to ensure a fit that is intentional and precise from the width of the collar to the length of the hems: “Our unique 3D sizing allows for a more aesthetic appeal as the shirt looks properly proportioned to the individual’s body and provides a superior fit to typical ‘off-the-rack’ menswear.” – states Co-founder and CEO, Steve Villanueva.

Otero has completed its initial product development with a line of 25 garments. 4 unique high quality fashion forward men’s Polo designs and 4 T-shirt designs in multiple colors, set to be delivered in early February 2018. Otero’s products are of exceptional craftsmanship utilizing 100% cottons: jersey, liquid cotton, and mercerized cottons. Price points are between $59 and $149. Otero menswear will launch March 1, 2018, and is available at OteroMenswear.com shipping USA nation-wide initially, and with ambitious international market expansion plans.

The Opportunity

The apparel industry designs to an average of 5’10-11” resulting in ill-fitting clothes for the shorter man. This underserved market comprises upwards of 40% of the men’s apparel market.

The Perfect Solution

Steve Villanueva founder and CEO of Otero Menswear comes from a successful career in international business and global Supply Chain Management. He is a serial entrepreneur with a pioneering focus on health and wellbeing in the organic food, fashion and lifestyle industries.

Steve believes that he is most successful and most personally fulfilled when he is able to find a better way to do something and then share it with others—a better way that is practical and, most importantly, makes a meaningful difference in the lives of others. This belief is at the heart of the company and the driving force behind everything we do.

As is often the case, the most wildly successful and innovative products are designed by the person who experiences a problem and needs to solve it. Since the advent of mass production, men’s clothing brands have designed to an imaginary “average” body type based on a man who is 5’10”-5’11”, resulting in clothes that are too long and disproportionately designed for the shorter man. This approach completely ignores that fact that 40% of men are under 5’9” and men in general have fundamentally differing body types, which is the key to an impeccable fit. At 5’ 7” tall, Steve has personally experienced a lifetime of frustration while searching for high quality menswear that actually fit him.

3D Proportional Sizing

The architecture of the male body can be categorized into distinctive types which are defined by the shoulder-hip ratio of the torso: rectangular or triangular. 3D Proportional Sizing takes into consideration, not just a size (S, M, L, XL), but also height and defining body type in determining the perfect shirt length, collar width, sleeve length, and button placket for each individual garment. These precise, scientific proportions provide an effortlessly superior fit.

Company goals include:

  • Serving an underserved market of shorter men from 5’4” up to 5’9” – 40% of the men’s apparel market.
  • Ground-breaking 3D Proportional sizing methodology that will revolutionize the apparel industry as it takes into account a man’s height, size, and body-type to provide the best off-the-rack fit.
  • Exceptional craftsmanship and meticulous design expertise to ensure best proportional fit for customer targets.
  • Responsible supply chain including Sedex and Oeko-Tex certified factories.
  • Sourcing natural and comfortable-to-wear fibers for long-term use (100% cottons: jersey, liquid cotton, and mercerized cottons, Japanese and Italian denim for jeans).
  • Handcrafted accessories line from full-grain leather (belts, bags, wallets, backpacks etc.).
  • Designs and colors that last many seasons – slow fashion, not fast wasteful fashion.
  • Strong long-term supply chain relationships with factories that will accommodate initial smaller production runs, and is capable of growing along with the brand.
  • Developing long-term commercially driven marketing, communication, branding and advertising partnerships able to take the brand internationally and with years of expertise and other start-up successes in the fashion and apparel/accessories industry.

The company’s biggest challenge & our solution:

To create brand awareness in order to drive sales

Otero has a marketing plan in place that takes into account various channels of reaching its target customer including: Strategic Communication, Public Relations, Digital Ads, Programmatic media and radio, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, and Influencer relationships. Otero desires to use any funds raised in part to expand its marketing reach and to support the company’s initial launch efforts.

The business has been structured to scale quickly with low overhead providing a 70%+ gross margin. Otero will produce a significant amount of cash enabling the company to scale not just domestically, but also internationally as this market segment focused on shorter men is underserved in all geographies. Otero is planning on regular cash distributions to shareholders beginning in year 4-5. In addition, with Otero introducing a radical shift in apparel development with its 3D proportional sizing, it should garner significant acquisition interest from other apparel companies as Otero scales.

For further information please contact:

Steve Villanueva,
Otero Menswear