Moxie Metal Works

Feb 14, 2018

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Salt Lake City, Utah



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Exercise Equipment


Salt Lake City

Founded: 2014

Privately Owned

Employees: 1

Industry: Industrial & Equipment

Products: Exercise Equipment

Husband and wife welding team Adam and Keslie Piccari have a bead on exercise equipment and other metal products.

If you're a welder and can make anything, you may as well make something that you love. That is the core of the business model for Moxie Metal Works and its owners, Adam and Keslie Piccari.

"Adam is a welder," Keslie explains. "We were working in a CrossFit gym and Adam was asked if he could make a piece of equipment. They loved what he did and suggested that we should do this as a business. So we did. It was really that simple."

Moving from one customer with one need to a thriving business, this husband and wife team have relied on word-of-mouth only. Growing organically and maintaining control of what they offer is important to the business.

"We do not have a website," Keslie adds. "We do not spend any money on advertising. But we are so busy that we are booked out months in advance. It works for us."

Adam Piccari has extensive experience in welding, and constructing fitness equipment was an easy transition for him. If he understands the vision of the client, he can make it.

"Most of our products are client-driven," Keslie explains. "Our clients come to us with a need, and together we create something to fit that need. Whether they are looking for a basic equipment piece or something more specialized, we go with what they are personally looking for."

Favorite projects include those where they are able to be creative and extend beyond fitness machines to even furniture: coffee tables, benches, etc. "Before this, neither one of us would claim to be an artistic person. But I guess we are!" Keslie laughs.

Other favorite projects include working in schools, particularly weight rooms. "There's no guess-work when a school uses us," Keslie says. "We can come directly to them. We can give them advice on what they actually need and what fits in their space. We are on hand, and we can see what they have to work with and what they still need. We help them make decisions on the spot."

Before any project can start, Moxie Metal Works starts by looking for raw materials. When Adam and Keslie first started their process, they turned to everyone's favorite resource: Google.

"We just did a little Google research and found people close to us," Keslie explains. Those first Google hits have developed into solid relationships. "We had a lot of really good luck from Google. It has been good to us!" she says.

Challenges: Money. "It's always a guessing game on where to spend it in order to grow a business. And you're always hoping you get a good return on what you make. Money is always a top issue," Keslie says.

Opportunities: Strong growth in 2018. "But we like the idea of continuing at the pace where we are at. We are growing organically and taking it as it comes," Keslis says.

Needs: Time. "I need more time in my day. We are involved in other projects, and there's just not enough time to do everything we want," Keslie says.

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