Mark your calendars for the must-attend NOCOM 2018

By Paul Harter | Jan 14, 2018

You may have heard me shouting from the rooftops about the value of attending the only Northern Colorado show for the manufacturing industry. In case you haven't, what you've missed is the value of making your business more visible in our local supply chain, not to mention the connections and relationships that result from the networking that happens at NOCOM. Don't get left out in 2018!

This year, we're going to give you even more value. We are again hard at work putting together educational content that will help you sharpen your own skills, as well as add to the weapons your company needs to win in the war for talent and build a sustainable business for 2018 and beyond in a tough, competitive marketplace.

All of us start with some input, add value to it, then pass it along. That means we all face the same fundamental challenges. So it doesn't matter if you're brewing, baking, sewing, welding, assembling, painting, making metal chips fly, or any of the myriad things that makers do, you're going to find something worth seeing or hearing at NOCOM!

Attend NOCOM on April 12 and learn how you can:

  • Get the best bang for the buck with healthcare.

  • Navigate programs and grants targeted to grow Colorado manufacturing businesses.

  • Learn insiders' secrets on the latest and greatest technology advances should be part of your strategy for this year . . . and beyond.

  • Navigate challenges that manufacturers face.

In the weeks ahead, watch CompanyWeek for updates on these and other topics you won't want to miss!

From the inaugural NOCOM in 2015, this show has provided tremendous value and an exponential return on investment for attendees and exhibitors alike.

Calendar the date now: April 12. at The Ranch Events Complex in Loveland, Colorado. Join us for NOCOM 2018!

Paul Harter is owner of Aqua-Hot Heating Systems, Inc., and vice-chair of the NoCo Manufacturing Partnership.