Mar 27, 2020

Make4Covid is a Colorado-based remotely-collaborative community of makers, designers, industry experts, and healthcare professionals working together to design and manufacture equipment for doctors, nurses, and first responders who are crippling their ability to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic at scale. Working alongside medical professionals, regulators, and experts, the Make4Covid community is designing, testing, and manufacturing medical and protective equipment to address this critical need.

Equipment urgently needed:

  • Face shield (plastic)
  • Face masks (fabric)
  • Ventilators (breathing machines)
  • Raw materials (for making equipment)

Please join us if you have any of the following skill sets:

  • Makers and fabricators: Anyone with a 3D printer or other maker-equipment (sewing machines for example)
  • Medical professionals: Specifically those in need of equipment
  • Distributors: Anyone who can help gather materials and manage the supply chain
  • Regulators or regulation experts: Anyone who knows the risks, rules, and regulationsaround medical equipment production and distribution
  • Designers: Anyone with CAD expertise, or experience in medical equipment design
  • Community stewards: Anyone with a gift for bringing people together, resolving conflicts, and communicating clearly across domains
  • Networkers: Anyone who knows a lot of people and can help us get the word out

Contact: Omar-Pierre Soubra,, 720/445-6627. Learn more and join the community at