“Made In Utah” to promote locally made products and Utah manufacturing

By Matt Holton | Dec 15, 2014

The Utah Manufacturers Association (UMA) has been working for nearly 110 years to promote locally made products within the state. From ATK's solid rocket boosters that recently launched NASA's Orion into the atmosphere to Coca-Cola crafting the most delectable and refreshing beverages in the industry, this state has made products that have transformed not only Utah, but also this nation. As the UMA works to better promote locally made products, we are launching our "Made In Utah" initiative that will roll out at the beginning of the coming year. This initiative's objective is to promote the purchasing of locally made products, educate the community about the economic impact manufacturing has in the state, and bring a more personal connection to the industry.

There has been a large push throughout the nation to support local economies and small businesses by buying locally manufactured products. In Utah, we call this "Utah's Own," which is an initiative by the Utah Department of Agriculture to distinguish local food products from those made elsewhere. In regards to manufacturing, the UMA noticed there is currently no mechanism in place to inform the purchaser or general public what is actually made in Utah. By displaying a "Made In Utah" logo in a business storefront and partnering with big-box stores to display this logo in their aisles for locally manufactured products, we believe this will bring the necessary attention needed to impress upon the purchasers to pick the "Made In Utah" product.

It is also important that we educate Utahans on the economic impact that the manufacturing industry has in the state. What Utah makes -- makes Utah. This slogan continues to ring true. The manufacturing industry makes up nearly 14 percent of the states economy totaling $14 billion of economic activity and employing more than 125,000 Utahans. Driving this information to the public is crucial in maintaining and encouraging a positive business environment to grow these numbers even further.

As we have evolved into a society that is driven more and more by technology, many do not look to manufacturing as being a cutting edge industry. The truth is, manufacturing is what launched people into the depths of space, made television a possibility, revolutionized the peace-keeping ability of warfare, and propelled machines to incredible speeds on the local salt flats. These men and women who make these manufacturing feats possible are local hard working middle class Americans who live in our communities. Most people in Utah don't know that products from Lifetime, Blendtec, Pepsi, and Boeing -- along with ATK's solid rocket boosters -- are made right here in our own backyard. These large names throughout the state are known by their logo, but we want them to be known by the people. We believe that this will help communities better relate to the industry and help the supply of manpower that will ensure our continued skilled workforce necessary to keep Utah as an industry leader.

To bring the needed attention to the state's products and companies, the UMA will push an annual "Made In Utah" week. As an industry, we will come together to give back to our communities by donating to a local cause. We will highlight the irreplaceable workforce that makes the seemingly impossible engineering feats possible. We will create a media buzz to help educate Utahans about the role manufacturing plays in the state. We in Utah are proud of our own and it's time we highlight the amazing and successful companies and products that are "Made In Utah." As a Utah Manufacturers Association member, we invite you to be featured in CompanyWeek, highlighting your "Made In Utah" product. CompanyWeek is distributed statewide and gives you a great opportunity to also advertise your product by being a sponsor. Be an integral part of our "Made In Utah" week by becoming a member today.

Remember, what Utah makes -- makes Utah.