LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Encourages Students to “Make Things” at LA Trade-Tech Manufacturing Day Event

Oct 12, 2017

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Encourages Students to “Make Things” at LA Trade-Tech Manufacturing Day Event

Los Angeles, CA – October 9, 2017 – Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, in his keynote address at Los Angeles Trade-Tech College on Friday, October 6, 2017, encouraged the over 750 high school students attending to “go out and make things.” The event, sponsored by CMTC and LA Trade-Tech, was held in conjunction with Manufacturing Day events taking place across the nation.

During his visit, Mayor Garcetti first met with a group of students from John Marshall High School. The school, which is located in the Los Feliz district of the City of Los Angeles, was recently named a California Department of Education Gold Ribbon Award winner for their implementation of rigorous academic and performance standards. During this discussion session, he shared with the students his thoughts about developing future career paths to take advantage of well-paying jobs in the manufacturing sector.

Mayor Garcetti then took the stage and gave a rousing speech in which he encouraged the students to look to the future – especially within the Los Angeles area – for manufacturing careers. "Everyone deserves a shot at higher education and a good-paying career," said Mayor Garcetti. "We have to create new opportunities that inspire our young people — and this event helped motivate hundreds of students to develop their skills and be part of building the future."

Mayor Garcetti then presented Gregg Profozich, Director of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies at CMTC, with a Certificate of Recognition thanking CMTC for their support of Manufacturing Day in Los Angeles. In his acceptance remarks, Mr. Profozich thanked the Mayor for his phenomenal support of manufacturing programs throughout Los Angeles and for his ongoing efforts in developing and promoting programs that assist manufacturers in growing their business. Mr. Profozich continued, “As part of CMTC’s commitment to the manufacturing community, we are very proud to be partnering with LA.

Trade-Tech and the City of Los Angeles in providing students with this opportunity to learn about the manufacturing sector. This year, 200 manufacturers across California will open their doors to host and attend events, like this one, in a celebration of modern manufacturing. We hope that through events like today’s we will inspire the next generation of manufacturers.”

The students were subsequently given the opportunity to meet with Los Angeles area manufacturers and representatives from LA Trade-Tech where they received first-hand knowledge about the current state of manufacturing and the training needed for them to succeed in the future.

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