Industry Voice: Is foreign trade affecting your business?

By Jennifer Detling | Feb 14, 2022


Is foreign trade a contributing factor to a loss of business and a lack of work? If so, the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) program may be able to help your workers transition and engage in new opportunities. Layoffs are difficult for both the employer and the employee, and we'd like to support employers as they help their transitioning workers by providing resources as a safety net to impacted employees.

Workers that leave employment on their own terms, or for separation reasons other than lack of work, would not be eligible for benefits through this program. The TAA program offers a variety of federally funded benefits at no cost to your company or your workers. Additionally, participation in the TAA program will not change your unemployment premium rate.

The TAA program provides the following menu of supports to eligible individuals who have lost their job, in part due to foreign competition:

  • Paid training: pays for training to upgrade skills so that your workers may gain suitable employment; covers classroom, distance/online, on-the-job training, and registered apprenticeships

  • Financial support while in training: weekly payments while in approved training, even after unemployment insurance benefits have been exhausted

  • Wage supplement: payments provided to your workers if they find a new job, to help bridge gaps in pay between their old and new job; available for those age 50 and older, for up to two years if earning $50,000 a year or less

  • Help finding and training for a new job: includes assessing your worker's skills, career counseling, help with resume writing and interview skills, job referrals, and more

  • Job search allowances: reimbursement for up to 90 percent of travel to job interviews outside your worker's commuting area

  • Relocation allowances: can pay up to 90 percent of moving expenses for your worker and their family if they move outside their commuting area for a new job

If you think your company may qualify for this program or you would like additional information, please connect with us by sending an email to us at We would be happy to set up a call or informational session to discuss the details of the program with you or potential eligible workers.

Jennifer Detling is the TAA Petition Coordinator for the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. She has more than four years of experience in a variety of programs within the field of workforce development. In her current role, she works closely with employers, workforce development professionals and job seekers to identify if foreign trade is a contributing factor to company layoffs and assists with the initial steps of eligibility for the TAA program.