By Eric Peterson | Feb 20, 2023

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Founder and CEO Cooper Mojsiejenko sees a massive opportunity helping manufacturers leverage Big Data.

With a background in engineering and construction management, Mojsiejenko envisioned HNA.Live to leverage data analytics for customers in real estate, but he pivoted to manufacturing before the 2023 product launch.

"We figured out certain methods and technology applications that we could use for computer vision to then create a perfect manufacturing environment portal tracker to articulate everything going on within a manufacturing plant," says Mojsiejenko.

The company installs LIDAR sensors and other data-collection hardware to collect data for its ArcEconomy platform, which leverages artificial intelligence and 3D modeling to increase productivity across multiple facilities.

"What we do is capture, visualize, and optimize business strategy, specifically within manufacturing right now," says Mojsiejenko. "It allows us to keep track of everything going on at not just one plant, but absolutely every plant they operate across the country or globally. . . . It's a full-access digital transcription of every plant a manufacturing corporation operates. We use a lot of AI to keep track of safety precautions, temperatures, flames, fires, noise."

The data is distilled into 2D and 3D dashboards that users can monitor remotely. "Long story short, it's something for active productivity boosters within manufacturing corporations to be able to check out and analyze in real time everything going on," says Mojsiejenko.

Mojsiejenko says ArcEconomy is built to handle manufacturers with more than 100 plants, but the platform can help out a company with a single 8,000-square-foot facility as well. "Our best value proposition is in fact for corporations that operate over 100 facilities," says Mojsiejenko. "You can tell that they'd like to have more than one eye to help them to go through the day and operate."

As it launches its pilot-tested platform in Q1 2023, HNA.Live is initially targeting large, established steel and fiberglass fabricators, notes Mojesiejenko. "We have some signed letters of intent with manufacturing plants and some others that are out there," he says.

Pricing is determined on a facility-by-facility basis, but the target is $100,000 in annual agreements per facility.

HNA.Live relocated from Michigan to Denver in early 2023. "We analyzed every major city in terms based on their location, their economy, as well as their technology ecosystem," says Mojsiejenko. "Denver was the best decision for us to choose a central United States headquarters as we enter the market."

Challenges: Employees. "It all comes down to having enough hands on deck," says Mojsiejenko. "I wish we had 100 employees right now. . . . We have an international technology partner [Secomind.AI] helping us keep the roof on."

Opportunities: HNA.Live is targeting legacy manufacturers looking to get up to speed quickly. "The ones that can benefit the most are the ones that don't have much technology, because then we can bridge their gap much quicker," says Mojsiejenko. "Usually, they have no idea where to start, which is where HNA.Live comes in."

Needs: HNA.Live is currently working to close a $1.4 million seed investment round, says Mojsiejenko. "We're right now doing our due diligence on that."

The company will start off in a Denver office of about 3,000 square feet, but Mojsiejenko says he expects to hire about 20 employees in areas ranging from marketing to engineering in 2023, so the company could outgrow its initial space by the middle of the year. "We are looking for a full innovation headquarters in Denver, Colorado, for our second phase of expansion," he says.

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