Mar 23, 2020

FoodMaven has announced the launch of drive-through and delivery bulk grocery in Colorado. FoodMaven is temporarily opening its inventory to consumers this week to support food security in Colorado communities. Bulk food items will be available from FoodMaven through a pickup or delivery option. The company sees this line of business as a true compliment to its mission of seeing "All Food Used...With Good Purpose."

FoodMaven is known for bringing innovation and logistics efficiencies into the food system to reduce waste and help food service providers source local and sustainable food. At least 40 percent of food produced in the U.S. is wasted due to supply chain inefficiencies, damage, or imperfections. FoodMaven's local supply chain is ideal to withstand disruptions in the national and global supply chain that characterize retail grocery.

"There is plenty of food in the supply chain right now, the system is just struggling to readjust to the new situation," said Ben Deda, CEO of FoodMaven. "We need to create a food system that is flexible enough to adjust these imbalances." The company will continue to serve its primary customer base: restaurants, hospitality, and institutions.

FoodMaven is committed to providing affordable and convenient groceries during this time of uncertainty. Offerings from FoodMaven include Colorado-grown products like potatoes, shallots, and grains, as well as frozen chicken and beef. Items are packaged in bulk and have wholesale pricing due to the food service focus of FoodMaven’s business.

Customers in Colorado Springs and Denver can sign up for groceries today by visiting