HookFish MFG - Dye sublimation and/or Cut and sew manufacturing

Nov 14, 2017



Founded: 2011

Privately owned

Employees: 14

Industry: Fashion & Arts

Products: Cut-and-sew services

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HookFish is a one-stop-shop model that spans borders.

Without the dye-sublimation printing and cut-and-sew sew talent of the Denver-based HookFish, you'd never see a "Professionals Collection" of sweatsuits like the ones recently debuted by Fruit of the Loom. "They're quite hysterical," says Huebner. Indeed, when the fleece sweatsuits became available Nov. 17 in styles like "The Business Time" and "The Corporate Cowboy," they made a media splash everywhere from Adweek to Time, with both magazines calling the suits ridiculous.

The company offers cut-and-sew services, along with dye sublimation, screenprinting, and embroidery. "The Fruit of the Loom project is probably one of the most technical projects we've done art-wise," Hebner says. "There was probably 150 hours of art time in this project. That is an insane amount of art time."

For comparison, Huebner says doing the artwork on a wrestling team's clothes -- the company recently launched a team sportswear subsidiary, LEAN Athletics -- might take five to six hours from start to finish.

But most HookFish projects involve in-house design. "Seventy-five to 80 percent of the time we do the design work," Huebner says. "If they're from Gaiam Yoga, they'll send test prints and we'll run it for them and send samples."

Dye-sublimated fabrics are becoming a bigger part of HookFish's sales. Explains Huebner: "2016 is probably the first year we did a higher percentage of sales in dye sub than in screenprints and embroidery." He says he expects the trend to continue.

- Courtesy CompanyWeek, December 4, 2016, Chris Meehan

Looking for dye sublimation and/or cut and sew manufacturing?

Hookfish MFG covers all the bases from patterning to finishing all under one roof. From minimums as low as 200 units and turn times as quick as 5 days (for printing) we would love to be your Made in USA manufacturing source! For more info email us info@hookfishmfg.com or call 303.352.2000