Diamondback Manufacturing

By Alicia Cunningham | Mar 14, 2017

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Orem, Utah



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Window Wells, Railings & Trailers


Orem, Utah

Founded: 2013

Privately owned

Employees: 23

Industry: Contract Manufacturing

Products: Window wells, railing, ant trailers

Jed Haveron fabricates success with a steady steel supply and commitment to the craft.

If a manufacturer is supposed to focus on just one small niche, no one told Jed Haveron, owner of Diamondback Manufacturing.

Haveron was raised in a family of welders and fabricators, and he always knew he wanted a future in the industry. When it was time to open his own business, he started with window well covers but kept expanding as he accumulated more equipment and their accompanying capabilities.

"No matter what we’re manufacturing, we take pride in our products and our specialties," Haveron says. "We specialize in custom-made window well covers, residential railings, carport canopies, trailer manufacturing and repairs, and ornamental items."

Diversity notwithstanding, the common factor of all things Diamondback Manufacturing is steel. It comes in to Diamondback from local providers where it’s fabricated into a final product. "We have a huge list of providers we can turn to," says Manager Taylor Tipton. "These relationships have been created and maintained over time, and that has worked well for us."

The steel comes to Diamondback Manufacturing in every sheet, shape and size but Haveron is careful to only order what is needed. "We order and receive what we need and can handle in the shop based on what orders we have. If we have extra, we sell it. We order it, get it, and build it. But we try never to just store it," Tipton says.

While steel is the backbone of construction, Haveron and his staff continues to find a new purpose for an old resource.

"We’ve invested in a CNC plasma machine," Tipton says. Haveron hopes to utilize new software for the CNC Machine to meet demand in steel cutouts. "A lot of people are looking for that specific capability, and we want to be the ones to bring it to them."

Challenges: Weather. A long, cold, wet winter has been hard on this business which spends a lot of time outside. "No one wants to go outside into the cold weather," Tipton says. "But we have a staff that is willing to do what they have to do to get the job done." Despite the long winters, Diamondback Manufacturing knows working in Utah works well for them. "Businesses in Utah are willing to help each other out," Tipton says. "I’ve never seen such a close-knit business community."

Opportunities: New customers. Diamondback Manufacturing recently advertised with Value Pages Magazine and has experienced a tremendous response. "We've already had an overwhelming amount of orders for window well covers this new year," Tipton says. "That’s insane for winter. It’s cold. No one is thinking about landscaping yet. This spring and summer will be exciting."

Need: Talent. Diamondback Manufacturing consistently looks for good, motivated, concrete with the ability to carve out of steel Haveron’s vision. To attract top talent, Diamond Manufacturing consistently tries to improve its business culture. "Our business strives to have an accommodating and family-oriented environment," Haveron says. "This work environment is not like most. A lot of the men who work for us have families of their own and responsibilities outside of the shop. We try our best to accommodate their needs as much as possible."

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