Apr 10, 2020

Our production capabilities at dBMEDx in Littleton, Colorado, relate largely to electromechanical work. We manufacture ultrasound scanners under our active ISO 13485 certification for medical devices. We have a talented team with decades of soldering and assembly experience in highly quality controlled fields. We operate in an ESD-free environment and are experts at assembling PCBs, electrical subassemblies, and mechanical subassemblies. We would be a great partner to any company looking to send out work relating to critical medical devices such as ventilators, thermometers, pulse oximeters, laryngoscopes, and infusion pumps.


  • Electromechanical assembly and test, box builds
  • Cable and harness assembly and test
  • PCB assembly, lead-free
  • Epoxy bonding (conductive and non-conductive), thermal bonding
  • Fixture development, automated test development
  • Electrical, mechanical, and software engineering support


  • ISO 13485-certified quality system
  • FDA-registered manufacturing facility
  • ESD-controlled environment

Contact Levi Romero or visit www.dbmedx.com.