RMTAAC and Transformance Advisors

Mar 19, 2020

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, RMTAAC and Transformance Advisors are starting up online courses from the leading provider of Lean, manufacturing strategy, and supply chain management training.

We at RMTAAC, a U.S. Department of Commerce funded grant program tasked with assisting U.S. Manufacturers impacted by foreign competition, have been brainstorming with colleagues for ideas to provide assistance to our client firms during this time of uncertainty and disruption. We think online learning, to upgrade the skills of your people, is a great opportunity during this time when workloads are reduced and meetings are cancelled.

Transformance Advisors has partnered with us for many years, providing our client companies with training and project consulting in the areas of:

• Lean manufacturing training and consulting

• Strategy execution, using a Six Disciplines methodology

• Supply chain management and alignment

In recent years, Transformance Advisors has emerged as one of the leading organizations in the field of online learning in the three subject areas listed above and has developed three online courses that are now taught at leading universities around the country. The courses are based on decades of hands-on business experience and provide a solid foundation for individuals and companies seeking to improve their practical business skills.

To support our RMTAAC clients as well as the regional Rocky Mountain manufacturing ecosystem, Transformance Advisors has offered to start new sessions in each of these courses. Courses will run for seven weeks and will result in the employee being accredited at the respective level of the course: Lean Practitioner, Six Sigma Green Belt, and Supply Chain Manager.

All three courses:

• Leverage a powerful, yet easy to navigate, learning management system - each course provides a variety of educational techniques including videos, articles, podcasts, discussion forums, and a team- based project.

• 100 percent online, for seven weeks, with weekly student team meetings and a weekly check-in with the instructor and coach.

• Regular pricing for each course is $1,500 per person. RMTAAC has negotiated a discount to $1,000 per person and is able to provide an additional 50 percent cost share for its TAAF Program client firms.

• Transformance Advisors has extended this discount offer to the broader community and is also able to provide further discounts for 5 or more students from an individual company.

Contact Christopher Stone, project manager, RMTAAC, Christopher.stone@colorado.edu or 303/506-8961; or Mike Loughrin, CEO, Transformance Advisors, mloughrin@emailta.com or 720/234-3244, or visit www.transformanceadvisors.com.