CompanyWeek at 2 years: what’s in store for Utah

By Bart Taylor | Aug 31, 2015

Since CompanyWeek debuted two years this week, we’ve shined a light on 400 or so manufacturers, chronicled the policy efforts to support them (some good, some bad), and been an advocate for manufacturing even as business voices debate the so-called manufacturing renaissance.

We’ve published a standalone version in Utah for just under a year now in partnership with Todd Bingham and the Utah Manufacturers Association, profiling 80 or so Utah companies as part of the regional mix. Here are six takeaways from two years of publishing in Colorado. We’ll compare these six to factors shaping Utah’s manufacturing sector next issue.

But as we celebrate our 2nd anniversary, it’s important we communicate what’s ahead for CompanyWeek Utah:

  • We’re bullish on Utah manufacturing. The sector's diverse mix of maker industries is compelling in nation-leading ways. We plan on doubling-down on our investment in you. As we know from publishing for two years, the focus on manufacturing is unique and much needed. We also know other media are preoccupied with the service economy: advertising usually follows content, and as manufacturers don’t really have a compelling reason to advertise in broad-based business media, content doesn’t follow.
  • Our first priority is creating a more Utah-centric user experience. In the coming months we'll develop a digital community that feels better suited to Utah’s unique mix of companies, service, and economic development.
  • Secondly, we’re bringing in-person events to Utah to benefit manufacturers. This spring, we’re excited to host M2 Utah – the inaugural Manufacturing Growth & Investor Conference. Why? First-stage financing and closer relationships with debt and equity investors for growth companies is an acute need. How do we know? Read today’s profiles (and every week) in CompanyWeek Utah.
  • We hope to find media professionals in Utah who share our passion for manufacturing, in addition to the incredible photographers and writers who’ve chronicled the sector – all archived here, at CompanyWeek Utah. We realize UMA’s support isn’t enough. But we’re also a start-up manufacturing company -- we make content – and comfortable the market recognizes our contribution thus far. More boots on the ground are on the way.

We know this: a broad-based cross-industry manufacturing revival is underway in Utah, the Rocky Mountain west and across the U.S. We’re confident CompanyWeek is meeting a growing demand for information.

Manufacturers can rally around their own media to advance the sector. More on what else must happen next time.