CMTA: Proud partner with Company Week California

By Dorothy Rothrock | Jun 19, 2017

California manufacturers are embracing exciting new technologies to improve products and be ever more efficient and environmentally responsible. Workers are becoming more skilled in the use of robotics, sensors, 3D equipment and computerized supply-chain logistics to make their companies more productive and competitive in the marketplace.

That is why the California Manufacturers & Technology Association (CMTA) is excited to partner with Company Week California (CWC). We will put a spotlight on California companies who are leading the innovation revolution with the investments and job creation that promise to grow California’s economy for years in the future.

In addition, we will provide updates on developments at the state capitol in Sacramento where we work everyday to make laws and regulations more favorable for manufacturers. You'll learn about the key issues, and how to quickly and easily communicate with your legislators on how laws will impact your ability to innovate and create jobs in the state.

We are proud that one of the first companies to be profiled is a CMTA member -- Pittsburg-based Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation. More member profiles are on the way, including Fontana-based California Steel. Both companies have brought traditional manufacturing into the 21st century with highly technical and advanced operations.

CMTA also helped recognize another company in the content cue, FreeForm, with last year’s SacInnovate Advanced Manufacturing award. Starting on the east coast, it will soon be making lightning fast, super strong and environmentally friendly watercraft hulls in Rancho Cordova, California.

We want everyone to be as excited about the future of California manufacturing as we are! Please share CompanyWeek California profiles with your employees, suppliers, and community partners. We look forward to being a proud partner with the great CompanyWeek online publication!

Dorothy Rothrock is president of the California Manufacturers & Technology Association. Reach her at