Business leaders bringing jobs back to U.S.

Sep 25, 2013

Oracle President Safra Catz, speaking to a gathering of several thousand business leaders and others at a jobs summit in Butte, Montana last week, said her company has been centering its cloud computing division in the nearby mountain town of Bozeman. The company has found that cheaper labor isn’t always worth it and has brought some jobs back from Mexico to the U.S., she said. “It is really, really simple: Employees are our company,” Catz said. “Everything of value that we are is coming from, and in, the heads of our people.”

Boeing CEO Jim McNerney told the crowd that locating workers outside the country is no longer as compelling as the cost of business increases overseas. He pointed out that wages overseas have been increasing.

Alan Mulally, CEO of Ford, said its company invested heavily during the recession in revamping and modernizing a more fuel efficient car line. Part of that effort has been focused on returning manufacturing to the United States. He said the company is moving the production of the Fusion line from Mexico to the United States.

Thanks to the Durango Herald.