Autonomous Solutions, Inc.

By Alicia Cunningham | Mar 15, 2016

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Logan, Utah



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Autonomous Driving Technology


Logan, Utah

Founded: 2000

Employees: 140

Privately Owned

From a remote location in Utah, ASI is changing the future of transportation with unmanned systems

Nestled into the most northeast corner of Utah, surrounded by rolling hills and fields ready for spring planting, is a 100-acre proving ground for robotic transportation. Of course.

The location makes a bit more sense when considering the background of the original entrepreneurs. Autonomous Solutions, Inc. (ASI), was founded by seven members of the Utah State University Center for Self-Organizing and Intelligence Systems (CSOIS), located in Logan, Utah.

After breaking off from CSOIS, the new company did not have time to consider starting small with reasonable goals and lesser-known clients.

“We started out partnering with John Deere to provide an unmanned tractor. Over the past 15 years we have broadened our solutions into a large variety of industries, partnering with companies such as Ford, Boeing, Goodyear, General Dynamics, CHNi, just to name a few,” says David Clyde, Marketing Director for ASI.

Today, ASI is working to improve the capabilities and safety of the mining, farming, automotive and defense industries.

Offerings can start with a basic remote control solution where an operator can utilize a handheld remote to control an unmanned vehicle from a safe distance. The expectation is that, from a distance, the human operator can avoid unstable terrain, falling debris and other dangers.

The next step up is teleoperation where a vehicle can be manned from a remote location through the use of cameras and command and control software, offering an additional level of safety and convenience for the operator.

Automation kit

The final step is full automation. Utilizing ASI’s product, Mobius TM, vehicles are automatically tasked in the most efficient way, aware of their surroundings, and can interact with every other vehicle to avoid bottlenecks and keep operations running smoothly.

“We are here to provide the highest quality of unmanned systems to our partners,” Clyde says. “Our universal components install easily in most vehicle platforms and improve operational safety and productivity. ASI is challenging the industry status quo by designing solutions that are both simple and safe. We're leading the way in developing industry standards while also researching cutting-edge techniques and processes."

Challenges: “One of the challenges we face is educating our markets on this new technology,” Clyde says. “Many industries are new enough to automation technology that they do not understand all the direct and indirect benefits it can offer them.”

Opportunities: "Demand for autonomous solutions has really started to pickup over the last few years," Clyde says. "Our sales pipeline is overflowing with exciting opportunities all across the world."

Needs: As this new company continues to grow, they believe that recruiting and maintaining skilled talent is a priority need. “As a high-tech company, we are always searching for top talent,” Clyde says.

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