2018 – are we feeling the manufacturing revolution?

Feb 07, 2018

If you listen to the hype, then 2018 is set to be the year when we see manufacturing companies hammering home their adoption of technology. And hopefully in a way that is far more impactful than simply demonstrating they know what all of the cool acronyms mean.

After all, we are embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and we have the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT). At least we get told this often enough that it must be true. So just where is all the excitement focused?

Industry likes to talk about ‘digital optimisation’ which is by no means a new concept, but as ever it continues to be a key driver. It is about taking machinery (aka your capital investment) and human investment (we’ll come to skills later) and using technology to squeeze it all to within an inch of its life to better add to the bottom line.

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